Why was my ANRelationships profile picture deleted or declined?

Why was my ANRelationships profile picture deleted or declined?

20 Feb, 2023 276 ANRelationships
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Your main profile picture will be deleted or declined if it violates the site image standards for main profile pictures

Effective immediately, as well as being retroactively applied, the following are the new ANRelationships Image/Video Standard Guidelines:
You can also find this here on site using the following link. Image/Video Standards

Main Profile Pictures.

Only pictures of actual (adults 18+)people Only, no nudity, no graphics or hands covering nipples/areolas, no nudes or exposed nipples or areolas. No picture just showing crotch area or showing dick print through clothes, No images of people in children clothes or wearing diapers, (this is not a ABDL site ABDL imagery is not allowed) . Cleavage images are fine, graphics over nipples are not allowed (No hearts, stars, ETC,) they must have some article of clothing covering them no pictures showing wet areas over nipples that give the impression that fluid is dripping.

Males must have shirts on ( you can post shirt off pictures in your photo album). no celebrities, no QC Codes in Main Profile picture. Avatars are no longer allowed on Anrelationships, profile pictures can not be of celebrities living or dead, you cannot post pictures of females if you are male or male if you are female, transgender can post to what gender they identify as.

No generic pictures of city or landscapes.

We will no longer allowed filtered images that cover the face, (Instagram type filters) if you have one please change it or it will be deleted.